About TUF


Texas Ultra Fit (TUF) is the best fitness program in Central TexasTUF’s primary objectives are to empower individuals (males and females) to physically take control of their lives, to develop a positive self-image, and to establish a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle should not be thought of as a temporary change to reach a short term goal, but it should be thought of as a life long journey, it should be thought of as a way of life, this is the reason for our slogan;“It’s a way of life”.

TUF’S primary objectives are accomplished through supervised fitness training, nutritional education, and numerous motivational and accountability tactics.

Most of our fitness training is conducted outdoors emphasizing the ten components of physical fitness through very diverse, enjoyable, and challenging routines. Our program includes routines conducted at Jacob’s Ladder, Trails at Cameron and Woodway Parks, lots of hill work, sprints, some distance, light resistance training, lots of body weight movements and tons of core work; which all combine together to make up an extremely effective conditioning/wellness program.

All training sessions are directed by a highly motivated and certified fitness professional.

One of the more unique characteristics of TUF, is that it adapts to almost all fitness levels and ages. This claim has been substantiated by hundreds of successful boot campers, ranging in age from 15-70 and fitness levels ranging from 1-10.


About the Trainer


Your lead instructor is Jimmy Stewart. Jimmy has been an avid fitness enthusiast most of his adult life. The roots of his passion for fitness/nutrition began many years ago, shortly after joining the military. Through hard work and determination, Jimmy became one of the most physically fit soldiers in his unit. He was recognized with a “Letter of Commendation” for obtaining the highest physical Fitness score, he received another “Letter of Commendation” for being recognized as “The Most Outstanding Soldier” in his unit. Jimmy spent 2 ½ yrs in the 101 st Airborne Division, where he obtained the rank of sergeant.

After receiving an honorable discharge, Jimmy became a firefighter with one of  the larger departments in the metroplex, where he spent 22 years and obtained the rank of captain. During that period, Jimmy was twice recognized as firefighter of the year for his department and was once selected as the “Paramedic of the Year” for the entire state of Texas.

Jimmy started TUF Boot Camp in April of 2007  and has worked with over 2000 boot campers to date.

Experience and Certs:

  • TUF Outdoor Fitness Owner and Lead Instructor
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Certified Peer Fitness Trainer (ACE)
  • Certified Adventure Fitness Trainer (NESTA)
  • Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist (ACE)
  • Seniors Fitness Trainer (Expert Rating)
  • Certified in Sports Nutrition (Expert Rating)
  • Level lll Fire Service Instructor (State of Texas)
  • Paramedic (State of Texas)