Joshua Blake

joshuaI considered myself to be a runner before joining TUF Boot Camp, but I quickly realized, I wasn’t in shape. It took Molly Howard two years to convince me to try out TUF. At first I only worked out twice a week, and after a couple of months I started going 4 times a week. Eight months later, I remember the first time that my elbows could touch my knees during bicycles! And this past June, I changed my eating habits after listening to Jimmy’s nutrition talk. I have lost 27 pounds since starting TUF! Because of TUF, I have discovered the trails around Waco and run them on the weekends. My endurance has improved drastically and what I use to think was impossible seems possible. I’m planning to sign up for a half marathon this winter. I look forward to a lifetime of “staying in shape”, so I never again have to “get in shape.” Joshua Blake


Kathy Payton

1528729_10152147488004509_1759762344_nMy name is Kathy Payton, I’m 43 years old, I work in the medical icu at Hillcrest. I have been a RN for 17 years. Most of those years I spent battling my weight, I tried every diet and every miracle pill on the market and as you can guess they didn’t work! I joined bootcamp in February 2011. When I started I weighed a hefty 250 lbs. I had been placed on antidepressants, high blood pressure meds, and battled with my legs swelling and hurting every day. I could not do a sit up without using my arms to push myself up into a sitting position, I could only run about 200 feet before I was completely out of breath, and pushups…I might could squeeze out 3 girl pushups! I guess in my mind I thought the exercise alone would take care of my weight…. wrong ! After a year of bootcamp, I was in better shape but still hanging around 235 to 240. In about April of 2012, I began the zone diet. The first two weeks of this was awful. I was going through bad carbohydrate withdrawals, but I had finally had enough and was determined to get healthy!! Then as I adjusted, the weight began to disappear…quickly! I’ll never forget the day I discovered the lumps in my sides…..holy crap, I had found oblique muscles! By February 2013, I had lost 85 lbs, gone from a size 18/20 to a 6/7, and was off all medication!! I still have some work to do but at least now I know how to do it the healthy way and I know it works!! If I can do this, anyone can! Thanks Jimmy and tuf bootcamp for giving me a new life!!