The TUF Difference 

TUF is the only outdoor fitness camp in the area that is locally owned and owner operated, therefore we have a vested interest in the community. Our primary objective is to help Waco become one of the fittest communities in the state of Texas. We do this one person at a time, by empowering the individual to physically take control of their lives, helping them to develop a positive self-image, and to establish a healthy lifestyle. Some of the other TUF differences:

1. Pricing (Our prices are always substantially lower than our competitors). We don’t want the price to EVER be a deterrent to you participating in our program, therefore we will work with any member that needs assistance setting up a payment plan or even a price reduction in some situations. Since we are locally owned, we can make those decisions without obtaining permission from Dallas or Austin. You may attend up to five days a week for the same low price.

2.  Routines – Our routines are never the same. They are always interesting and challenging; but they can be modified for any age or fitness level. We often incorporate different areas/locations of the city into our routines, such as: Floyd Casey Stadium for bleachers, Jacobs Ladder, and  the Trail systems  at Cameron and Woodway Parks. Our instructors are very familiar with both trail systems

3. Experience – We have been doing outdoor fitness in Waco for almost 10 years (the longest running outdoor fitness camp in Central TX). There’s many reasons, we’ve lasted so long. One of the primary reasons, are our instructors. They are the most experienced outdoor fitness  instructors in Waco; with more  top level instructor certifications than any other boot camp organization in the area.

4. WE CARE – We truly care about every one of our members.  At TUF, you’re not just another number in the class. You’re the reason, we do what we do. We will do everything in our power, to make your boot camp experience a positive, up-lifting, inspiring, life changing event.

5. Money Back Guarantee – If for any reason, you don’t feel that TUF Outdoor Fitness has met the claims set forth in the first four items of this section, we will refund the full amount of your entry fee. No other fitness program in Waco will make this offer. We  could not or would not make this offer, if we weren’t the best in Waco at what we do.
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Experience the TUF difference

The variety is one of the things that make us so unique. Check out the below pics to see what we mean.


Hillcrest enjoying the mist of the fountain on a 104 degree day (Legend’s Crossing)


Bleachers at Floyd Casey


Jacob’s Ladder at Cameron Park


Running trails at Cameron Park


515am at Woodway Park


Bicycles at Woodway Park